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Tiki Murph, Tiki Bars, Tiki- Huts. Outdoor Backyard Entertainment Products


Tiki Murph

Tiki Murph is Back in New Jersey 

for the 2012 Season

"Call Early and Beat the Summer Rush"

More Tiki Huts  -  More Tiki Bars  -  More Tiki Figures  -  "Best Prices Guaranteed"

Custom Built Tiki Bars - Outdoor Tiki Huts - Tiki Figures

Welcome To Tiki Murph

Turn your backyard into a tropical island with quality products such as Tiki Bars, Tikis, Wood Carved Figures, custom signs and custom airbrushed products from Tiki Murph.
Tiki Murph invites you to visit his tropical paradise of Tiki products. A few steps along the Tiki Boardwalk and you'll feel like your in the islands while strolling through Tiki Land.

Custom Built Tiki Bars

Why sit at that old picnic table when you can be entertaining at your own Tiki Bar? Let Tiki Murph help you turn your back yard into your own tropical oasis! Made of real Florida palm leafs, bamboo and pressure treated lumber, for many years of enjoyment. Check out our Tiki Bar page for more information on our beautiful bars.

Backyard Tiki Huts
We will help you design your Tiki Hut to achieve the shape and size that will match your vision and your budget.

If you still have one of those hollow plastic pink flamingo in the yard, why not step up to something a little more solid with some of our wood carved animals and figures? Most Tikies, Figures and Animals are carved from South Jersey cedar trees. No tree was harmed for the sole purpose of making Tikies. Due to the custom carving of Tiki Murph figures, no two are alike!

Customize your Tiki carving more with a beautifully airbrushed design. The talents of Tiki Murph's artist creates a spectacular effect to any Tiki product. Have your own custom sign created or have our artist custom airbrush your Tiki creation.


Capture the island feel with the Tiki Murph's Tiki bars. Tiki Figures, Tiki huts and Custom Tiki Hammocks.

Phone Tiki Murph at (239) 470-0946 


        New York / New Jersey - Florida - Delaware - Pennsylvania


Tiki Bars constructed of Bamboo and Cedar


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